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Content Requirement Guide

What we need from you to build your website.

To create your website, we need you to provide us with your website content. Please send this content to us in a clear and organized manner. If you have a lot of content and are unable to send it via email, you can use a service like We Transfer to send it to us. Our email address is [email protected]. We do not accept any content through WhatsApp.

  • The name of your business. Ours is named Dasher Website Design (PTY) Ltd
  • Your full business address and all contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Your business hours, such as the days and times that you are open for business. For example, Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am to 2:00pm.
  • A brief and concise description of your business and your website needs? For example, “I own a beauty salon that offers hair and nail services. I need a portfolio website that showcases these services.”
  • A list of the main pages that you need on your website? For example, “Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contact.”
  • Information for your business “About Us” page. For example: “Our company is a reputable construction business with a long history in the industry. We were established in 1996 and have evolved from a solo operation to a team of over 20 full-time employees. We are dedicated to providing high-quality work and personalized service.” Additionally, you may include photos and brief profiles of yourself and your staff to give your about us page a personal touch.
  • A comprehensive list of the services that your company offers, along with a detailed description of each service. You may also include pricing information for each service if desired.
  • Any images or logos that you would like us to use on your website. The photos should be of high quality and should not exceed 1MB in size per image, unless we have previously discussed a different size limit.
  • Links to all of your social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • A list of websites that are similar to the type of website you desire. This helps us know what you like.

For eCommerce websites we require the following additional information:

  • A list of all the categories for your products. This is important for organizing your website effectively. We recommend taking the time to carefully select your categories. We will setup your category structure and menu so that you can easily add your products.
  • To integrate PayFast on your website, we will need the following information: your Merchant ID, Merchant Key, and Passphrase. You may contact PayFast for assistance, or you can provide us with your login details if you’d like for us to copy them from your account.
  • To integrate The Courier Guy on your website, we will need the following information: your Account Number, Access Key ID, and Access Key. These details are different from your normal login information for The Courier Guy. You can procure these details by contacting The Courier Guy, or you can provide us with your login details if you’d like for us to copy them from your account.

The items listed above are the basic requirements for building your website. Please note that we will not work with content that is not well-organized and labeled appropriately. Each image should also be labeled correctly.

If you submit products to us it must be submitted as per the example below (comma separated file). We do not accept products in any other format.

					Product Title, Product Price, Product Image, Product Category
Product 1, 450, product-1.jpg, Clothing
Product 2, 750, product-2.jpg, Kitchen
Product 3, 150, product-3.jpg, Health
Product 4, 50, product-4.jpg, Education
Product 5, 4150, product-5.jpg, Garden