Professional Graphic Design

We design professional website logos and more. We also offer royalty-free images that make your website look amazing at all time.

Royalty-free material subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights may be used without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use, per each copy or volume sold or some time period of use or sales. Source: Wikipedia

Dasher Website Design offers the following graphic design services:

  • Creation of a professional business logo.
  • Editing of any existing logo, to make it suitable for use on your website.
  • Procurement of royalty-free images that you are legally allowed to use for any purpose that your heart desires.


In order to design and build a professional website, we always require quality images. In most cases, we are able to find appropriate images for almost any business.

  • If you run a nail salon, we’ll be able to find relevant high-quality images of all services that you provide.
  • If you run a plumbing shop, we’ll be able to procure high-quality images for all services that you provide.
  • If you run a construction company offers services such as building, paint and more – we’ll be able to procure images for every service that you provide.

You are at all times encouraged to provide us with your own unique images. In cases where that is not possible, we can almost always procure the relevant images on your behalf. Not only will they be of high quality, but they will always be legal to use.

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