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Website Performance Optimization

Advanced Performance Optimisation results in websites that load super quickly on all devices.

We optimise your website for maximum speed on all devices. We achieve this by doing the following:

  • Leveraging browser caching. This allows for substantially faster loading times to return visitors.
  • Serving Scaled Images. We ensure that all images we upload are of the correct size for the page that they are used on. This saves loads of server resources and bandwidth.
  • Image Optimisation. We optimise all images to ensure that they are as small in size as possible without reducing the quality of the image.
  • Minify JavaScript. We minify and combine all JavaScript files. This allows your visitor’s browser to access JavaScript from a single minified file.
  • Minify CSS. We minify and combine all CSS files. This allows your visitor’s browser to access CSS from a single minified file.
  • Expires Headers. We activate appropriate expires headers on all of your static content.
  • Less HTTP requests. We limit the total number of HTTP requests to 30 or under.
  • Redirect. We avoid any unnecessary redirects. The only redirects we enable are those that send your visitors to your secure website.

The above is only a small fraction of the actions we implement. When we have completed your website design we will furnish you with a comprehensive performance report. Kindly see an example of the performance on our own website below:

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